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Work can be exhausting. Especially when you have to manually do tasks that could be automated, or made simpler. We get that, and we're working to make work just a bit better for the hardest working people we know. Farmers.

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Better Software

Simply adding an app with autocomplete features can save farmers and companies thousands of hours of labor every year.We hope to build useful productivity tools that can make that work better.

Better Tools

Those in the horticulture industry often still have very manual processes for much of the work required to deliver high-quality work.We want to make work better through better tools.

Better Data

It is incredibly difficult for farmers to make accurate forecasts due to the lack of easily digestible data.We want to put data at the forefront of your software, so farmers can make better forecasts of the future.

Awia for Nurseries

Software you can actually enjoy using.

Awia for Nurseries is the first product we are marketing to our wholesale nursery customers.Lord willing, we're releasing the beta version this October, and we plan to sell a limited number of lifetime licenses to the first 10 nurseries that sign up. These first 10 farms will be varied across the horticulture industry to ensure Awia for Nurseries truly grasps the needs of wholesale farmers across the spectrum of the horticulture industry.Our goal is to make Awia for Nurseries the absolute best wholesale nursery management platform.

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Data insights

Starting with Awia for Nurseries, each software solution we build for our customers will focus on delivering you the actionable data you need to make informed business decisions.We have a long ways to go, but we really do believe that with better historical data, and search engine analytical tools, we will be able to help farmers make better forecasts for the future.

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Orders page on inventory management program